R.P. Mixon

Hailing from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a place steeped in history and known for its beautiful countrysides and family farms, R.P. Mixon writes and performs music that sounds like where it comes from: organic, authentic, and distinctly American. Inspired by a wide range of musical styles and genres, and artists as diverse as Merle Haggard, The Band, The Allman Brothers, George Harrison, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stephen Stills and Neil Young, R.P.’s music transports you back to the golden age of rock and country rock – when great musicians were featured as soloists, and lyrics came from the heart.

Listening to his forthcoming full-length release, “Thank You,” is like dropping a needle on a long-playing double album from 1973. Vintage tube amplifiers, custom curated guitars, classic organs, and his distinct voice create a warm and soulful sound that will be categorized by most as Americana music, but which transcends common labels.

R.P.’s first single, “Thank You,” mixed by Sylvia Massy (Jason Isbell, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), was released May 17th, and the second single “Shades” will soon follow. The complete 13 song album will be released this coming Fall. Here are your options for listening and following:

The Songs

"Easy Southern Rock, with a hearty groove, captures your attention right from the start. 'Thank you' is a real keeper." (Review: Americana Highways)
"Stylistically combining Americana and singer-songwriter ethos with a little bit of grit and a little bit of soul." (Review: American Blues Scene)

The Songs